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Tarun took me to the airport on Monday at 630 am. He was gone from home for about 30 minutes in all. In the meantime, some brainiac dumped a giant truckload of mulch left of our driveway in the middle of the street we live on. A mountain of dark brown mulch. Right there where it should not be. One lane of a narrow street unceremoniously usurped.

We thought a neighbor must be landscaping and the vendor was given poor instructions. It will be gone soon, we reassured ourselves. When I returned on Tuesday night, it was still there. Untouched. Barely visible in the darkness except for two orange cones that a saintly neighbor or the cops have put to warn drivers. We texted our neighbors a WTH message. A mixture of confusion and hilarity followed. Neighbors blaming each other in jest, one saying she almost ran into the mountain of mulch at 6am. Another worrying about speeders on our street.

Nobody has a clue about who this belongs to. Suspicion is on a landscaping company that has a history of dubious decisions, leaving a trail of impaired yards. It is only a matter of time before construction trucks, trash trucks and big cars drive into our yard, possibly hitting our mailbox as they maneuver around this mountain of mulch. And heaven help us if a fire truck or ambulance needs to go past. Ugh! This morning as we left for another run to the airport, Tarun carefully swung the car out of our driveway on to the side of the mulch, cursing under his breath. The gentleman across the street isn’t feeling very gentle either. Last night, on the text thread we agreed to call the suspect company and give them an earful but now... ...I have an idea! We have FREE mulch...c’mondowwn!!

I’m sure our neighbors will join me in providing shovels and wheelbarrows. Hell, we will even help you and provide coffee and donuts. I give great massages too. Come before someone 'fesses!

Our other choice is to see this wash away over the next few months, years even! And to the idiots who thought this was a great idea, may you get stuck behind a hundred school buses on a narrow and winding road when you really need to “go”.

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