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Passages in Time

We have seen some tight spots through the years. The alleys in Rome reminded me of Calcutta.

Maybe it was the graffiti on the wall or the mix of storefronts, residences and the wafting smells of food.

Our trip to the Amalfi Coast occupies a special place in our hearts.

Walking in the cliffs near Praiano, we marveled at the ingenuity of the architects.

In Salzburg, near Mozart's home, I caught Tarun trying to chronicle me while I was chronicling the narrow street.

As Tarun walked in Blois, I was reminded of the Sanskrit prayer "Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya"

From darkness lead me to light.

In Istanbul, a narrow alley had the boys scrambling up a wall to avoid being crushed by a car.

In Blois, a steep alley with colorful foliage took my breath away.

And yes, we did walk down but not back up.

I call this"Diagon Alley" after the famed location in the Harry Potter books.

We stumbled upon it in Dublin.

In Kumartuly, the pace of life in the alleys where idols are made year-round brings back four decades of memories.

Tucked in the north end of Calcutta, these streets are cooled by the breeze from the river Ganges.

And in Venice the maze of alleys and waterways transported us to a world we couldn't imagine.

Here's to discovering more passages, in due time.

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