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My father was an award-winning photographer. These are some of his many photos.

Blazing leaves

Remind me of your lens

That captured fall

With your glorious sight

Crumpled clothes

Remind me of your hand

That ironed diligently

For the day and night

Gentle massage

Reminds me of your forehead

That I pressed with my hands

Till you smiled in sheer delight

Family dinners

Remind me of your humor

That clung to your stories

Like icing in every bite

Being alone

Reminds me of your warning

That will ring in my ears

"Don't ever lose sight"

Humbling sadness

Reminds me of your strength

That lifted us daily

Teaching us wrong and right

I looked for you in the clouds

And did not find you in the grey

Now I feel you are by me

As the sun sets for the day

We recover with your guidance

Humor and caution

Resolute with moving on

With enormous passion

(All rights to the photographs are reserved)

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