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Early Arriver

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who arrive at airports and train stations way ahead of time and the ones who arrive at the very last minute. Our family is split 50-50 between the cohorts. I take the lead on excessively premature arrival and I am proud that I have never missed a flight or a train. The slowpokes in my family like to remind me that neither have they. Damn!

I am a Capricorn and nothing in my life is unplanned but I messed up big time today.

I knew I was cutting it super close when I left an hour and 15 minutes prior to boarding time for an airport that takes one hour to get to on a good day. Armed with the extra 15 minutes, I hopped into the Uber and was soon informed that we would have to stop for gas.

And then the sky fell on my head.

The gas station off the nearest exit on the interstate was closed so we had to detour to a second one. When I got to the airport, the TSA Pre line was lonnnnng. At security I ran into a couple traveling with two dogs, sigh. As they fumbled with their stuff and pets, one of the dogs decided that it didn't like the idea of radiation exposure in the walk-through x-ray machine. The little guy screeched to a halt, winter coat and all. The owners got so frazzled that they let the other dog off the leash at which point the TSA agent started yelling at the pet which unnerved everyone around them. All the while, minutes ticked by and my systolic soared...

I was preparing to pick up the non-compliant dog and chuck it to the other side when the owner successfully dragged it through the x-ray machine. After that, I made a mad dash to my gate and was the last one to board the plane. We pushed back a couple of minutes after I plunked into my seat.

THIS is why I arrive with one hour on hand. You never know about gas stations and anxious dogs!

But, why am I like this?

The reasons are simple: my parents were never late for anything. Both Mom and Dad arrived when they said they would and drilled into my brother and me that being early never hurt anybody. Plus, I always assume everything that can go wrong will, so I give myself plenty of time. And finally, the price of a missed flight is hours of waiting. Omg. That frightens me more than I can express in any language.

If you are an early arriver, give me a buzz. I will commiserate with you and laugh at the hapless people stuck behind nutty dogs in reversible winter coats better than mine!

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