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Opossumtown Turnpike

This sign flew by the right side of the car before my brain could process why someone would give a country road such a long name. On second thought a solitary and nomadic marsupial seems appropriate for a winding road in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania! That got me thinking about "Ad Hoc Road" near our home and soon I was googling "funniest road names".

If you are an ice skating fan, these roads from New York will ring bells. Glad that Kerrigan came out on top in this encounter.

In Pennsylvania here's one that is perfect for couples with troubles and trouble for others.

If you are a stubborn goat like me, you'll definitely want to move here in Oregon.

Listen up my single-malt-loving friends, I found the perfect spot for you in balmy in South Carolina!

And this one in Texas is to be avoided at all costs!

And for all dog lovers, this one from Fountain, Colorado will make you nod your head and roll your eyes at the same time!

After these signs, Oppossumtown Pike doesn't sound weird at all!

These pictures are available on the internet, none is mine :)

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