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Basil Whispers

I sit cautiously on my perch

Intent on my endless search

For intruders in my home

My keen eyes constantly roam

I inspire fear à la big cat

I swat my enemy like a gnat

Lesser ones flee on sight

Out of bona fide fright

Yesterday as I lay there

I had a humungous scare

Two adults walked right in

Raising the hair on my chin

Sheepishly I walked down

Lionheart nowhere around

All my courage for naught

Fearlessness completely shot

Oh the smell was totally known

My mind was completely blown

I could not believe my eyes and nose

At who had arrived as I froze

Grandma and grandpa as a pair

Walked right out of thin air

Haven't seen them in months

Now they were right in front

I went berserk for sure

My troubles finally had a cure

So fun to have them around

A perfect gift for this hound

I will shower them with love

Look longingly and cuddle up

I will manipulate them with no end

To my charm they shall bend

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