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Yo' Meth!

Laughs come from the most unexpected and mundane sources. Today, my TSA officer’s name was “Meth”. Seriously.

That got me looking up funny names from across the world. On this topic, Google dishes out some outrageously funny stuff - Moe Lester and the gentleman named Hardy who married a lady name Harr. How about Chris P. Bacon. And uh...P. Ennis. As you might expect, the internet is full of juvenile hilarity with the name “Dick”. And Sam Sung the techie and Sue N. Yoo the lawyer are popular too.

When we were naming our first born, we had a conundrum. We liked the name Neil but our last name would make him a “poll” à la Neilsen Ratings. Yikes! The middle school trauma that poor boy would endure was heartbreaking. So, we purposefully gave me a slightly different name, offsetting his troubles. With Josh, the problem is not with what we named him but with people thinking his name is short for Joshua. A tad annoying, but ok.

And my name? Fuggedaboutit! I’ve been called "Remy" enough times to warrant changing my last name to Martin!

After Tarun and I had been at our alma mater for four years, one afternoon we were making our way to the bus stop after classes when someone walked by us and said, “Hi, Bob!” To my utter surprise, Tarun said hello back. I was like “Who? What? WHY?!” Tarun gently replied, “Well, he thinks my name is Bob and has called me that as long as I have known him and I haven’t had the heart to correct him!” Oy!

Mother is called Santi, which means “peace” in Sanskrit. In her younger days when she was ornery, I would call her “Ashanti” meaning chaos. Mercifully, she took the joke well. But seriously, Meth?! That poor man! I wanted to give him a hug, but in an airport security line you never make any sudden moves. Never.

But, I did chuckle :)

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