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Fear Be Still

Our children are now friends bringing joys in multiple hues

We admire their decisions while we alter our rigid attitudes

How wonderful the closeness and departure of parental fear

Their affection soothes the soul like stillness on the shore

We lack their context and wisdom we can no longer provide

Instead of relentless persuasion we opt to let them guide

Their ways differ when they lead us on paths unknown

We soak in new adventures pleased our horizon has grown

We are retreating from walking ahead of them to their side

When they reach their goals we beam with grateful pride

Heart stops at the thought we are nearing our childhood days

The story inked when we led our parents through the maze

When we are frail and infirm we know the kids will hold us tight

We ask how will we know to enjoy and not to fight

For now we suppress anxiety and ignore the coming years

Basking in their fashion and soaring above our fears

Photos: At Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades and Laguna Beach in SoCal

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