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Season's Eatings

That's my new greeting for the time between Thanksgiving and New Year! We kicked of the season with a dreadful amount of delicious calories at Thanksgiving. The bird is always the centerpiece - even though I haven't quite figured out why, given the impossibility of infusing it with taste - but oh the fixins'.

What's not to like about green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and rum (sorry for using up the rum, Tarun!), stuffing, mashed potatoes, the works. Hundred percent delectable, 2000% carbs. I have no doubt Dr. Atkins turns in his grave each year at Thanksgiving but our happiness index goes boing, doesn't it?!

Then comes the morning after.

You go on the scale and wonder how on earth could two plates of food and, um, a few small plates of dessert cause this much damage. You look at the scale every day for the next few days and convince yourself that the damn thing is broken and you need a new one. Except the jeans don't fit either. Sheesh!

Then come the holiday parties and then Xmas itself and then New Year's eve and then Neil's birthday right after and then mine and then Tarun's. By the time the season is done, our A1C is through the roof, we can't bear to look at the scale, nothing fits, but the brain is satiated.

We used to go for our annual checkups in January until Tarun read that year-end binges cause more people to go on cholesterol and sugar meds. So, we've switched to April to allow the calories to neutralize.

As you head into your own season of deliciousness, revel in the carbs, dance with your drinks, and don't forget your steps.

From our family to yours...

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