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This Google Life

Tarun is about to hit a milestone event in his life. It involves specific government-related obligations that he cannot ignore.

That got him thinking about whether he is faring better or worse compared to his peer group when it comes to health and wellness. One evening, in a moment of (extreme!) lull, he searched on images of men his age. Google obliged with a stream of mug shots! Men of all ethnicities and walks of life who have committed an endless series of crimes!! Scary men, ugly men, drunk men. A veritable chronicle of criminals.

It didn't take long for him to be convinced that he is better off!

Not one to be left behind, I proceeded to do an age-appropriate image search of my own and was confronted immediately with pages and pages of abused, abducted, and missing women!! Oh. My. God.

Appalled, I closed my laptop just as Tarun asked what I had found.

"I found the victims of men of your age," I said solemnly.

If this doesn't tell the story of our lives, I don't know what does. Two oldies trying to make sense of life through Google. Floundering met flabbergasted on this particular evening and it will be a long while before we search for people our age again.

Instead, I will hang on to this shot, 'cos it's a keeper!

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