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Meerkats On The Run

Invisible you are and powerful too but we dodged you as we flew

Stressfully we questioned our choice as our anxiety grew

We were meerkats in a tunnel safely hunkered down

Like lookouts we ventured on with concern and a frown

Traffic on the freeway halved and Ubers here and there

Stores and malls shuttered like our world is sitting bare

At the airport curb we stepped out two lonely souls with a bag

With trepidation we walked in without the usual swag

We traveled back home with surreal scenes all around

Eerie towns on a foggy night with quiet a deafening sound

We stepped into our home with hearts filled with gratitude

For smooth transit today but concern shaded our mood

Johns Hopkins' daily map with red blobs across the globe

Sight of the spread unnerves us to our very core

Relentless is the search for the flattening curve

Not now, not today, not yet we anxiously observe

Spare the feeble and the frail while we stay away from view

Mother Nature unleashed fully with her pandemic crew

There is no doubt who is boss as we fail to gain control

Invisible you are and powerful too as we try to calm our soul

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Tracker (

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