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Now I am Dancing

For the last month and a half we have isolated at home like the rest of humanity. We have a new normal, a new routine - Zoom by day and stream by night. In between, I've learned to be happy without stuffing my face with banana cake from Starbucks.

I think my arteries are smiling.

I went to our office last week to pick up mail. With few on the roads, it hardly took any time, but hoo boy, it felt long given that we now measure distance in feet and steps. 17 steps down, 10 feet to the kitchen, 15 to the porch. I read that the hole in the ozone has shrunk dramatically.

I know my lungs are smiling.

Tarun and I used to lament about needing to eat better, cook more. We are supporting the local restaurants, of course, but isolation has reintroduced us to our stove and with few distractions, we are certainly eating better.

I hope my heart is smiling.

Then there is YouTube with a plethora of yoga and meditation videos. A young woman from California with the calmest voice we have ever heard is our go-to person. She soothes the nerves, calms the mind, and resets our gratitude level.

I feel my soul is smiling.

Question is: once we go back to our old normal, will we swing back to our reckless selves? Part of me is afraid that we will do exactly that. But the parts that are smiling have hope - hope that we will not go backwards, hope that we will focus on simplicity, hope that we will be kinder to ourselves and to the planet, .

Now, I am dancing.

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