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March On

I have a good friend in NYC with whom I frequently exchange notes. The pandemic and the nation-wide protests have made us reflect on equality, the country's future, how she is staying safe, working from home, juggling responsibilities, going nuts.

Yesterday she wrote:

I feel like saying, thanks 2020 I’ve had the 90 day free trial and I would like to return the product now.

No kidding.

This year Mother Nature colluded with politicians and law enforcement to deliver biological, law enforcement, and civil chaos.

I replied:

Except 2020 has our credit card and we picked auto renew!! And we’ve forgotten our log in credentials.

You know that McAfee subscription from two laptops ago that still auto renews??! Like that.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, 2020 slung a Molotov cocktail at us in Minnesota. WaPo had an article this week in which a CIA analyst noted the breakdown of social order we are witnessing is what they see when other democracies have a meltdown and then a despot emerges. Last I read, ours is in a fence inside the people's house.

Even if it is tempting to hit cancel on 2020, let's march on! There's a sense of change. People are saying "enough", voices are emphatically speaking truth to power. I am reading that this momentum is at the scale of the 1960s civil rights protests. Time for civil rights 2.0!

On that hope, I am assertively clicking "OK", please continue 2020. Peacefully. Gently.

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