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Parental Pity!

It's strange to be writing about Ma on Father's Day. It's because I am missing Baba very much and I am remembering how - on this topic - I inherited his genes and how much he adored Ma's incredible talent. He would approve, I am sure!

When God was making me, She was distracted I know

Little time and much to do, juggling genes for me to grow

In the midst of all the prep, She grabbed green thumb juice

She knew how to pour, Ma's talent would diffuse

I held up my thumb so high, to get Ma's powers

God missed and denied me, my dreams to tend flowers

When Ma asks what adorns my garden, I mumble weeds and grass

At night Baba soothes my nerves, says my yard will soon have class

In Central Park I saw beauty bloom, I took these snaps for Ma

When she sees them, she'll know they aren't mine from afar

Look Ma and Baba with your love, this one grew outside the door

Your blessings flew to me, took pity, and made it roar

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