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We are three days from the election of our lifetime. The result is going to hit half the country like a ton of bricks. On Tuesday or hopefully soon thereafter (maybe in a few weeks), we will know which half is celebrating and which is in pain.

In a post from a few weeks ago, I rated Biden's chance of winning at 4.5 on a 10-point scale. At that time, I didn't think his campaign was making the case like it should, they weren't canvassing the country enough, and they were headed to the same mistakes that HRC's campaign did.

At T minus 3, I have had the benefit of tracking the Biden-Harris duo crisscrossing through the Midwest and states with a "red" hold. They have done what they can to make their case and they have not taken a win for granted.

And then there is "American Selfie". If you haven't seen it, make time for it.

This documentary chronicles the alarming events of 2020. The filmmakers talk to ordinary people on both sides, observe them in action, and stump them with incredulous questions, like asking a Black person, "Is there racism in America?" If the questions don't make you jump out of your seat, some of the reactions will reset you in your bubble. The number of people in this country who think that locking down was an outrageous over-reaction to Covid - which they liken to the flu - will leave you stunned. Each and every one of them will vote to keep Trump in power. The stories of people whose businesses have shuttered due to the lockdowns will leave you despondent. In the end you wonder, what reason do they have to still think of the long-haul when their present has wiped out.

In this last stretch, I am anxious. Very anxious. We know that 86M have voted early and that both the liberals and the conservatives are angry, either motivated by change or demanding we continue marching to the current drumbeat.

A modified version of the serenity prayer is getting me through the days.

God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Wisdom, indeed, is the cure for what is to come. May it prevail in abundance.

(Pic from MPS Advantage)

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