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A Meromictic Wonder!

At the bottom of a gorge on the east of Syracuse there is a scenic wonder called Green Lakes. These are two glacial, meromictic lakes where the layers of the water do not mix, allowing for ancient life to freeze in time. The eponymous Green Lake and its sibling Round Lake are the most studied lakes in the world for this reason. They sit in a state park thick with old growth trees, and for good reason, the preserve is designated as a National Natural Landmark.

As we walked around Green Lake, basking in its stunning color, I wished I could bottle up and deliver the striking views to you. Let me take you there through these pictures instead.

At the trailhead, trees that have borne witness for centuries shield you from the lake that runs hundreds of feet deep.

The path forward entices you to escape into a million shades of green.

The turns fuel your imagination with intrigue and storybook wonder.

The previews of the lake leave you breathless for what is to come next.

The still water mirrors reality with clarity that confuses your brain.

The panorama forces you to inhale unexpectedly as you thank the universe for this wondrous gift.

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