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A Positive Note

You know the hour is near

You feel the minutes creep

You spend the time tenderly

You have been here before

You hold her in your arms

You rock her back and forth

You feel the tears on her face

You have felt the sadness before

You have done this for decades

You are anxious for what is to come

You hate the guilt of leaving

You have regretted before

You inhale deeply, steel yourself

You look her in the eye

You say she is the best mother

You are so grateful to be hers

You smile and say don’t worry

You will talk and video chat

You assure her of normalcy

That you’ll return as soon as you can

She looks up and laughs

Says I always tell her so

She wipes the tears from her face

She too has been here before

She reminds me to be prayerful

Tells me we are so blessed

Profound words to equip us both

To part on a positive note

Till next time, Ma…love and hugs.



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