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Cordless Misery

I hesitated to write this for fear of channeling the persona I loathe. Due apologies in advance for the whining.

Our frustrations with cable service began years ago. The provider jacked up the price every year until we were dumbfounded at how much we were spending given the level of consumption. Fiber optics was just gaining ground (literally!) at that time so we switched to a FIOS internet plus TV bundle which our telecom company offered at half the cost of what we were paying the cable guys.

The elation was short-lived.

The telecom company started fleecing us by increasing the price because we gave them the consent to do so in the fine print. Soon we were paying more than what we paid the cable company.

Then, the frustration boiled over.

We cut the cord and went fully digital a couple of years ago. Our kids were doing the same and they told us to sign up for Hulu Live. You get all the channels you want at the price you want. You get sports, national and local news and award-winning content. Plus you can disconnect any time, they said. We investigated and eventually declined to use Hulu. Not everything we want to watch is available on Hulu. In time, we'd have to add AppleTV and then Paramount+ and this and that on top of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Before long, we'd be paying the same as we did to the cable guys.

So, we got rabbit ears.

Remember those? We thought we'd get ABC, CBS and NBC over the air. Award shows, championship games, news here we come! Err, no. These channels are now digital and unless you are within range, the ears don't catch them.


We continued to compound the challenges by being bi-coastal. Now we have to get TWO subscriptions of live streaming services because live streaming is based on your zip code.


Hulu doesn't even support live streaming in multiple zips. YouTube TV requires you to stream in your home location once in three months. What is the point of retiring and then being chained to your home at a regular clip due to streaming rules of all things. It's like we are swiftly back in the dark ages. The principle of this business model makes Tarun and me devolve. Part of us refuses to go back to the dinosaur cable companies. The other part wants to watch the Grammys without spending hours on how to do it.

Fragmented streaming landscape is truly a massive miss and a problem looking for a solution. Look what ESPN, Fox and Warner announced last week - they are combining forces to bring a unified offering for soccer, basketball, football and baseball. That is the direction the rest of streaming should be heading to rapidly.

For us, the only choice until we get multiple subscriptions is to have our children stream Hulu Live on their laptop and screen share with us.

Pretzel, anyone?!

That's how I watched Taylor Swift make history at the Grammys. In the age of AI, this makes me groan loudly. Thank you for loaning your ear to this entitled, self-centered whiner with not enough to do. I feel better now!



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