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Dante's Inferno

On Saturday, I went to the DMV and then to the dentist. That was like traveling through the nine circles of hell in Dante's Inferno.

Please tell me why does the DMV still exist except for administering driving tests?!

Shouldn't everything else be available online? Like a car title. We need an old-fashioned printed title so we can move a car from one state to another. Heaven forbid that these DMV systems would talk to each other and relieve us of anxiety!

Off I went, ready to wait. It took 50 minutes to get in through the door. People in line were wearing masks but nobody wanted to stand 6' apart. If the line looked unnecessarily long we could risk being turned away because it was nearly time for this DMV to close.

The man at the information desk, oblivious of the long wait to reach him, informed me that I couldn't get the title without Tarun's signature. Wait what?! I implored, I begged. I told him how long I had waited. I asked why their website doesn't say all owners are needed to which he simply shrugged his shoulders. Couldn't I get the title online because they know who the car is registered to and the lien from the lender has been released?

So, why not point, click, print, done? ma'am, you have to come in person to do this. Can I make an appointment then, I asked. Sure, he said, but there are no slots available in October.

Cue the shotgun to the head. Bam!

Note to self: next time, don't put your name on a car, make the husband solely responsible.

I will go back on Tuesday with Tarun in tow (who will hate waiting), patiently queue for an hour to get in through the door and probably another hour for our ticket to be called to a window. Such a productive use of our time!

From the DMV, I drove frantically to make it to a dentist's appointment to repair a filling. On the way, I wondered what kind of a glutton seeks punishment at the DMV and then at the dentist?! Why did I even think this was a good idea? Living in the pandemic-bubble must have destroyed my instinct.

Despite the drilling and whatnot flying about, the experience at the dentist was shorter and less painful than at the DMV.


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