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Genuine Hoot

I am eager to teach you easy words

Not too many, just a few

I picked car and tree, plenty around us

You can learn these with hardly a fuss

You acquiesce slowly, glancing at the trees

You look for a car, eyes fluttering in the breeze

I keep persevering, hoping you will point or try

I hope for a "cah" or "tee", but something is awry

I take you on walks to excite and energize you

You listen carefully, but never follow my cue

Instead you say "eh", "appa" and "ba"

After pulling off our glasses, there's a subtle "ha"!

Your eyes say I did what I am not supposed to

Or perhaps slyly, come near for a redo?

On our recent visit you spoke gobbledygook

Yet again, my dreams of words I forsook

For now we will hide and seek and watch you scoot

Whatever you say or don't, you are a genuine hoot



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