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Hold at Bay

Your brain is quite impossible to parse

You say noooo when we want a yes

Your smile completely melts our heart

Your tantrums leave us in a meas

Your vocabulary has many holes

Your opinions are a thing to behold

Even while swinging upside down

Refusing for us to keep a hold

Your dexterity keeps us gasping

Like when you climb the high chair

Craning your neck to see our face

Is there any doubt why we swear?

Your sweetness makes us awww

With your friends you are so kind

Just when we think you are unique

You smack us to blow our mind

We hope we can parse your brain

Possibly, could be, maybe someday

To the horrible, terrible, no-good twos

We pray we can hold you at bay

Happy 2nd birthday Mina Sophia Sen from your exhausted family. Thanks for the delight!

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