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Char-koot, sharcutie, caccitoree, ...we love charcuterie but we have a hard time spelling or pronouncing it correctly. For this reason, our family has shortened charcuterie to sharkoo. It preserves our brain cells and prevents our tongues from getting tied.

First, a fact: sharkoo+wine=nirvana.

Charcuterie comes from two French words: chair (flesh) and cuit (cooked). The French have been eating this since the 15th century but the concept of salted meats goes back 6,000 years to ancient Rome and the belief that no part of an animal should be wasted.

Now, yours truly is not into meats, but bring on the carbs to make this girl smile. From my vantage, the addition of cheese, fruits, breads, olives, nuts, and spreads by the vegetarians has added sense to our lives!

Our boards make us put down our devices to have real conversations. What's not to like about that?!

When the kids were home for the holidays, we had charcuterie several times. Each of us contributed our favorite item to the board including cocktail shrimps, prosciutto, salami, and cheese. My pouting ensured dedicated real estate for carbs and sides.

Imbibe-chat-nibble is our panacea for long days, cold nights, and global chaos. The boards helps us weave the stories of who we are and wish to be in the kitchen.

From our sharkoo boards to yours - cheers!



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