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Just Then

At the moment I feel in control

When the eyes have finally dried

As I go to bed in peace

Just when I think all is well

Tears stream without a clue

A form fades far in the distance

Looking uncannily like you while

Hurriedly walking on his toes

Just when I think all is lost

Memories say it is not so

When I text the young ones

I say "whare" not "where"

Emulating the biggest goof

Just when it is impossible to smile

Mercifully your humor forces me to

Bewildering loss of opportunities

Places we shall never visit

Precious time looted from us

Just when misery sets in

I am relieved you are at peace

I am mad at the god that stole you

Before I was ready to let you go

Anger and sadness befuddle me

Just then a breeze blows my hair

Tousling it into unruly curls

I hated when you did that

Now you are in the winds

I wish you could come back

To hug and hold me while

Quietly poking me in the neck


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