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Keep Calm and Carry On

We are stuck in some kind of a vortex with unrelenting gravitational force. This has delivered us three life-altering events recently. First Sandeep passed. Then Ma. Last week Tarun had a significant medical crisis while in Mumbai on work.

My favorite saying - Keep Calm and Carry On - has been my trusted partner through these upheavals. .

Tarun's event was totally unexpected and required immediate medical intervention. We were immensely fortunate he was surrounded by quick-thinking colleagues who took charge and delivered untold blessings on him.

His recovery will have everything to do with the speed-of-light care he received and the competency of his medical team in Mumbai. The doctors delivered a statistic which defies the norm: 40 minutes from event to procedure. This is unheard of even in the best of hospitals and astounding in Mumbai with its perpetually clogged roads. The nurses were on top of their game with Nightingale-level compassion. The hospital was spanking clean and operated with the highest levels of quality control. The daily bills were refreshingly transparent and his entire treatment will cost us a fraction of what it would have cost in the US while delivering an identical outcome.

Thank you, universe!

The unnerving news is Tarun's vitals and blood results were not alarming prior to this. Obviously, this has given us whiplash on the way we measure and manage our health.

Saturated fats, begone!

There's absolutely no doubt that we have done our share of these. Ok, let me be truthful - we have indulged! These foods are now relegated to the back of the queue. We will make sure to fill up way before we get to them.

Welcome, lean proteins and leafy greens.

Lean chicken and fish win first prize. Turns out that vegetables we thought were good, aren't so. Instead, bring on the leafy greens.

Desserts, we won't abandon you.

Tarun's dietician gave us a heart-healthy, non-saturated alternative to chocolate cake and apple pie. We have to now grow our repertoire on this front because Tarun's sweet tooth is legendary.

Walk, walk, walk, walk.

Tarun is maniacal about his steps and aerobic minutes. There's no doubt his exercise regimen will contribute to his healing.

This medical episode will not make life sad, boring, tedious, and un-fun. It means we have to make it exciting with choices that keep us healthy, Caution - not fear - is looming over our heads in font size 153 and in bold, italics, and underline.

We know that Tarun is beyond lucky and we have to remain thankful for the blessings we have instead of focusing on the vortex we are in.

We are going to keep calm and carry on until he thrives. Good health to all from this sweet fella and me.


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21 de fev. de 2023

Glad this turned out well!💕 #gaurdians

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