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Life in BC vs. AD

Spontaneity in the age of social media is limited to unplanned checks of our apps. For all else we plan way ahead, schedule on our various devices, synchronize with a cloud calendar or still scribble in our books and wall calendars.

The end result is consistently the same - we are over-subscribed, over-booked, over-scheduled.

Now think of delivering a baby. Nothing about that happens on time except for that nine month-ish timeline.

For our super-organized children, a stubborn baby in the oven is challenging.

After my babies came I remember being stunned at how they moved at an inversely proportional pace compared to how rushed I was and I marveled at their ability to nix our plans.

For this reason, I divide our lives into the BC and AD eras. BC for Before Children.

AD for After the Devils.

In the BC era, life was compartmentalized. I had control over what was happening when and I was always on time. AD brought a tornado, a chaotic mess. Our regimented lives devolved into dealing with blurred eyes and trying to catch up on all fronts.

Our millennial kids are even more organized than us in their BC lives. AD will bring about changes that will define who they are. As grandparents with a boatload of time on our hands it will be rewarding to watch how they adjust and yet maintain the rigor of their BC lives.

While we wait for this headstrong Scorpio baby to land, I *think* I am better prepared for the transition from BC. We shall see.

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