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Novus US

The politics of the day reminds me of Peter, Paul, and Mary’s infamous boa constrictor slowly swallowing us one limb at a time.

This post is based on info that Tarun sent me. Take the stats as directionally accurate, not precise.

The Republicans will not admit the weight that the liberal states carry on their behalf and the Democrats don’t seem to make the case.

If the liberal states were to split into their own country, they would take:

  • 66% of the tax revenue

  • 92% of fresh fruits

  • 95% of wines

  • 90% of high tech

  • 85% of VC money

And the conservatives would keep:

  • 100% of tornadoes

  • 100% of the slave states

  • 92% of mosquitoes

  • 88% of the obese population

  • 22% higher divorce rate

In this week’s debate, Trump’s support of the Proud Boys, his lack of belief in the science of coronavirus and climate change, his delusion of having the best economy ever - NOT! - and these stats motivate the thought of splitting into Novus US, a country of the liberals, by the liberals and for the liberals.

Breaking news about POTUS and FLOTUS getting covid, brings instant clarity to the motto of Novus US: Persona ad Damnare Induendum.

That would be Latin for “Wear the Damn Mask“.

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