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Our Gemini Quartet

Humera loves grey and rainy days. As a Gemini, she is also most likely to be…wait for it…a serial killer! Believe it or not, in our family, she's not the only one with this distinction; we have three Gemini nieces to give her company.

We. Are. Hosed.

First, let's tackle her preference for ridiculous weather.

Her million-watt smile gets even brighter when it is cold and dreary. We attribute it to her growing up in the arctic circle, aka Chicagoland and Michigan. Too many bright and sunny days dim her smile, befuddling and confusing the heck out of our family.

On cloudy days, she looks out of the window and goes "Yesssss!"

This week we are coping with long rainy days. Walking outside means getting drenched at worst and getting frizzy hair at best. Ugh, is the predominant emotion.

I thought of how Humera finds joy in the midst of what makes the rest of us sigh and I set out to amend my mood. As we drove in the lush campus of Virginia Tech, I unexpectedly found beauty through my lens.

Like impressionist art, the blur on the right from Newman Library illuminated the night sky while the street lamp on the left created a canopy for the pedestrians below.

Burruss Hall was dotted with golden globes like confetti falling from the sky.

Students walking in the rain, undeterred and focused, made me smile as I imagined some were pleased as punch just like Humera would be on a night like this.

As I put my phone away, I sensed how Humera forces her spirit to lift when there's every reason not to - her "lens" is more vivid than mine, she sees stories I don't see, and she senses joy that eludes me.

And about that serial killer bit....

The sweet nature predominant in Geminis wipes away any weirdness. That's very different from a headstrong Capricorn - yours truly - who is naturally aggressive and waiting for a fight. Rest assured that the family worries more about what I am capable of doing rather than what our Gemini quartet might do. But liking cold dreary days I’ll never fully understand!

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