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Our Vagabond Life

My husband’s spirit animal is a beagle. For sure. If you set a perimeter around him, he immediately wants to bust out. Yup. He likes to move from one city to another frequently. He would be happiest if he could switch cities every two weeks. Ok, maybe three.

Then there is me, the anchored ship.

I take a hold and refuse to budge. For years, I used my MIL as the reason to nix sudden changes in our geography. Tarun would argue and sulk, but he knew that including her in his "let's go" mania was a non-starter.

When she passed in 2019, the anchor broke and left my ship afloat. Now, Tarun tows me wherever he wishes. Recently we came home to Virginia for a week, then we went to another city for three nights and now we are off to a third city with half the house in the car.

On this episode of ”Our Vagabond Life”, I had 30 minutes to pack my stuff before a day full of meetings began.

I opened my closet door wondering what outfits will make me comfortable in frigid temps. In ten minutes, I grabbed the essentials. Next was the bathroom, then the medicine closet, and then the coat and shoe closet. Twenty minutes into this, I was in the kitchen pretending I am on a Food Network show where you have a few minutes to grab what you need.

The next day we spent an hour thinking of what other things will get us through the next few weeks. In the end, I have no doubt that we are taking too much with us and forgetting the one thing we will need right away. This is a losing battle.

C'est la vie and onwards!

Let me ask, if you have 30 minutes to decide what you can pack, what will make the cut?

I hope I don’t regret what I packed. Even if I do and even though it pains to admit I was wrong, Tarun has taught me….

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