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Psychiatry and Podiatry

Full grain leather shoes. Leather gloves. Hint of leather in wine. The grade, shade, and flavor of leather define tangible aspects of our existence. The story goes that beef was so popular in ancient India that it was deemed a sacrilege to eat it in order to preserve the hide for better use. When I read that aging tendons and ligaments are described as “leathery”, I just about...had a cow!

I fast-walk everyday. Not like my friend who walks 11 miles daily (a bonafide Gump!) but half of that. The short route through our main floor is 45 steps, the long route 92. Depending on how interesting the world is on a given day, I can finish 30 minutes of exercise in as many minutes (not very interesting) or longer (slowed by intriguing news).

Through the years, I have learned to care for my joints and muscles. Yet my foot has been on fire lately. As I researched foot pain, the dreaded "a" word appeared over and over again - arthritis. I can't reverse the arc of aging, of course, but it is time for TLC.

And that is the point of this post.

Turns out that my gears need tending, even when the body is not asking for help. Pretending to be younger definitely does not douse the fires. And the price of giving up is incredibly steep.

After every walking episode, I cozy up with my heat pack and marvel at how a little bit of care makes me whole again. The great hope is that this will prevent the leathery ligaments from landing me in this psychiatry and podiatry soup!



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