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Scarlet Letter

We got whiplash last week from watching the ones who have railed against "cancel culture" swiftly cancel one of their own! You simply cannot disagree with the Republican leadership now. If you do, you are banished into oblivion. This from the same people who, for years, have berated the left for their intolerance on deviation from political correctness. I have liberal and conservative friends who do not tolerate disagreements. The difference is that the current Republicans are reacting with a level of vengeance not seen before.

Kinda funny. Kinda not.

Two thoughts came to mind as the turmoil with Cheney unfolded. First, how on earth am I agreeing with a Cheney?! Second,'s comment section must be replete with anti-Cheney messages.

Yup, sure enough. Cheney is a RINO. Cheney needs to join the other party. Good riddance. Go home.

WaPo followed Cheney's ouster with an opinion piece from several conservatives who are setting out to reclaim the soul of the GOP. The Lincoln Project attempted this last year and then flamed out in an epic manner. The new crop doesn't say how they will do this - praying for sense to prevail in their party or starting a third party - but they emphatically say that joining the Democrats is not an option.

I couldn't agree more.

A two party system is far better than other options. We certainly do not want one voice on tackling domestic and global challenges, but multiple parties inevitably lead to barely stable coalitions, back-room deals, here-today-gone-tomorrow governments.

The far right is having their moment in the spotlight with a rallying cry for a return to the 1950s with a reemergence of Anglo-Saxon, Christian ways. We don't get to pick our ethnicity and nothing wrong with Christianity. Everything wrong with this combination being the ONLY choice.

Is the meltdown over Cheney a good thing, then?

The ugliness in the GOP has been a long time coming and it isn't going to fade soon. Bolstered by talking heads who pass off opinions as facts and an uncontrolled, porous social media, the current trend will continue for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, there's palpable relief that at least one courageous woman has the bullhorn to lead the opposition within her party.

I am praying hard that the Democrats will push through an agenda that is good for middle America while they have a majority. Then the moderate way will reemerge and there will be no need to go "back to the future".

We wish Cheney, Romney, and Kinzinger strength, courage, and good wishes to reclaim the soul of the party, lead healthy debates to restore the economy, and give banishment a swift kick in the rear.

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