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Starry Days

Shh on this...every morning I check my horoscope at

It’s an old habit and I love it. I check my zodiac sign first. If I like what it says, I walk away with a smile. Otherwise, I look at the next sign because my birthday is on a cusp. Inevitably, if mine is "off" the next one is good. On rare occasions when both are bad, I mutter under my breath and move on.

Why do I check the daily horoscope, you ask? I don't have a good answer, except it spices up life in unexpected ways?

Like when Josh had a residency interview last week and it said "Turn on your charm to impress those who control your destiny." I chuckled because I knew how ready he was.

Tarun's friend from college and I share a birthday. For years, I've wished him with a copy of the wapo horoscope. Last year I didn’t send him the the daily prediction because it was boring. Late at night he asked for it. I said it didn't deserve a share: "...Tidy things up, and make sure that there are no loose ends." He replied: Truly, for our sign that's like preaching to the choir. Bingo!

See, it gives us things to talk about, things we'd never talk about otherwise.

We recently met a new neighbor who is an astrologer. She asked for our zodiac signs, like we ask a new friend what do you do, where do you work. She got line of sight, insight, and foresight in one fell swoop. Genius move.

The incongruity of the "horrorscope" - as I like to call it - makes me wonder how on earth the top 10 astrology apps generate tens of millions a year in revenue. Alignment affirms coincidence is a real thing.

Yesterday's wisdom: No one is perfect, and everyone deserves a second chance in life from time to time. You'll need one someday yourself.

Good advice as we focus on service today. May MLK's spirit guide us to a better tomorrow.

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