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Take Cover

I like to think I am rational, kind, generous, patient, and likable. I suspect I am a mix of the opposite. On good days I am somewhat irrational, mildly obnoxious, a bit impatient, and a tad brusque. On bad days the the recipe fails completely. I try hard to control the mix so I am not too weird too often.

Ignoring for a second what my family perceives, I thought I was succeeding in my mission...until last week.

Tarun and I were looking forward to visiting our kids soon. We have not seen them in six months. This was our opportunity to hang out, go for long walks, devour take-out, enjoy picturesque coastal towns, binge watch, cook together, cheer, give unsolicited advice, argue, HUG!, and remember life as it used to be.

Instead we had to cancel our plans to visit them. The perfect mix of the emotions has gone to hell and I am pitching a fit!

New York, where junior lives, has imposed a quarantine requirement which we cannot abide by in his apartment. Staying in a hotel or renting a house nearby will not work either. We can't go to Maine to visit the other two because the state now requires a negative covid test which means coming out of our tunnel and risking exposure while case counts are going up.

Aargh! I am again angry at how the country has handled this pandemic.

There has been zero planning and coordination at the national level. States are crafting their own politics-driven regulations, bars and beaches are getting higher priority than our safety, and the microbe is feeding on our stupidity. This administration has delivered pure, unadulterated, class A chaos. It took 90-odd days to go from 1M cases to 2M and two weeks to go from 3 to 4M! Dumbfounded is an understatement.

I don't blame New York and Maine for their rules. NY has been to hell and back with covid and ME has managed to hold on to their low case numbers. Their hands are tied. But why tie mine?! All I've done is be a good citizen and isolate.

I know my reaction is entitled but when you prevent this mama bear from getting to her cubs, a toxic cocktail of emotions is guaranteed. Take cover!

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