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Between our family and the family of our closest friends, we have 5 kids with 7 degrees from the University of Virginia. To say we are devoted UVA fans would be an understatement. And yes, that goes for the two Dads and two Moms who are Virginia Tech profs and alums. We pull for our kids' team when it really matters. Like tonight. Like when UVA has the national basketball championship within reach! Go Hoos, for sure!

Two of us are on the road in a town that is not even remotely connected to Virginia, the state or school. Yet, we've made the best of the evening.

One is on the west coast in a bar full of Hoos where she ran into the friend of the two oldest kids. Small world, this! One managed his travel so he would be in a hotel by tip off time. One has suspended studying for a big exam to have the moment of his lifetime! The new mom and dad have gone to Minneapolis because they HAD to be there, while the two grandmothers took care of the newbie.

This is the moment that might not happen again in our lifetime. Savoring it, we are.

To the Hoos Men, we wish them luck and wishes. Please give us the win we so desperately want for you and us! We look forward to this ending in 16 minutes and 44 seconds! Go Hoooooos!! Wahoowa!!

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