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Dear Dadu and Mimi

Dadu, you are such a godsend. Thank you for being my grandpa. With fistfuls of Ghirardelli and tubs full of icecream, you have made me your number one fan. You take me to the mall so I can run around and end the night with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You buy me balloons and give me popcorn. I love to cuddle with you and watch Cocomelon, Elmo and Mickey in a loop. You defy all the house rules and get away with it. I want to do that too!

Grandma Mimi, how I wish you weren't the enforcer.

You keep me on the clock, watch what I eat, turn off the devices, bathe me, pull my unruly hair into a pony tail and put me to sleep. You are an ace at grabbing and taming me when I flail like a wild thing.

At bedtime when my parents are away, I cry for Dadu because you turn on the iPad for me to watch Baby Shark one more time. When I nap I know "Shark do do do do do" plays in your head Mimi. That's the price for enforcement, you see.

When nobody is around and I need something, I love to crawl into your lap, Mimi. I even kiss you unexpectedly. I do love riding my scooter with you and playing hide and seek. In the car, I can't wait to sing ABC with you. Mostly though, I want you to wait for your turn in the back of the queue.

Someday, I will be Mimi's fan too. For now, I like Dadu better because he is simply too cool. Don't worry Mimi, I still love you. Just when nobody is around.


Your granddaughter, Mina



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