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The Third Winter

Our kids are penguins and they live in the Arctic Circle. We hate visiting them in winter, but we still do because we are good people. Amazing parents actually.

This has been one of the mildest winters on record and it is no surprise that we experienced our first snowfall yesterday on the drive from Portland Maine to Syracuse New York. Only in this part of the country could we experience snow on the eve of spring. Still, I bundled up this morning for a walk in downtown 'Cuse. Tarun said the temp was 27F, which felt like a heat wave given the climate of this city.

Leggings, sweat pant, long shirt, sweater, down vest, winter coat, hat, gloves later I set off to be a penguin. As I tentatively opened the door to the sidewalk, I didn't feel any wind. I walked out boldly thinking there is so much hype about 'Cuse and lake effect snow and horrid winters. It wasn't bad at all.

I set "Outdoor Walk" on my watch and waddled off.

Four blocks in, I turned right and W.H.O.A.

The wind nearly knocked me over as it ripped through the layers of clothing to bite into my skin. I did what every person in my place would do. I turned around. The nagging thought in the back of my head was that I was going to have to turn into the wind to get back to Josh's apartment. Ignoring that thought for the moment, I kept trudging away from the wind.

Could I be any dumber?! Even the homeless knew better than to be outdoor.

After mustering enough courage and steps, I turned into the wind and made my way to a coffee shop about 15 minutes away. Hot black coffee is what I needed to restore circulation to my extremities. And then this happened.

He-who-went-to-work-with-light-winter-coat laughed at my folly and sent me this.

Dude, you could have told me before?

I am grateful I came back without losing life or limb. Locals clearly know that 'Cuse has a way to go before "Actual Spring". Only fools like me think today is the first day of the new season.

Josh, I beg you: please find a job in "Hell's Front Porch"; I'll take that any day over the many winters you penguins love so much.



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