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Gilded Cage

I wait for you to answer the phone

My day depends on your hello

How are you, I ask with fingers crossed

Don't ask me you bellow as you

Turn away from the answer you abhor

How is it going, I choose instead

On days when you are alert

You dive into our lives

One question after another

How is, what about and what news of

Pepper our long talks

Deep into the stillness of the night

I am taken aback when

You whisper wishing not to talk

I tell you about my day

My walks and work

I talk about the kids and then

We switch to your early years

The days gone by have escaped the

Gilded cage, softly you say

A lump in my throat brings

Tears to my eyes

How I wish to take you back in time

To the days that bring you joy

Tell me about the time you were in

England, I ask

Ohhhhh, you say with a long sigh

What a simple time, what happy days

Your father and I on our own

Taking the world on in so many ways

What about your first house, I ask

Awaiting vivid memories to tumble out

About the house so neat

Eclectic dishes you cooked

Laika the dog under our beds

Paint the days in brilliant hues

I want to preserve your glorious days

Be with you in your gilded cage

You and I will talk into the night and

As you fall asleep, I will hang up

Waiting for daybreak and

Tomorrow's precious talk

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